How To Register

    1. From Store, click ‘register’ and follow the instructions to complete the online registration form
    2. Your new account needs two levels of verification to be fully registered
    3. Verify your email using the link we’ll send you.
    4. Wait for an account manager to fully verify your account
    5. When registration is complete and your account is fully verified you can begin browsing the Business Store products.

    How to configure printer

    1. Required options will be preselected in the printer
    2. To compare your different printer configurations, select the "Add to Compare" link after you have configured a printer.
    3. To view the purchase plan prices or change the purhcase plan, click on the "Show all purchasing option" link.
    4. To select a component, click the tick box. Where an option is mutually inclusive of another, the mutually inclusive option will be included in the selection.
    5. Options that are not compatible with selected option will display a 'x' in the check box against the component.